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AEIBefore we consider cranking up tax rates, let's have a smart debate It now seems there's going to be a national conversation about whether top federal tax rates should be dramatically higher. And for that you can partially credit first-term House member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — as well as the extreme media attention given to her every policy utterance. But only partial credit here. At a time of a) high national debt that's heading even higher, and b) increased inequality — including the creation of some truly massive personal fortunes — it's a discussion that was probably inevitable. And here's hoping that discussion Read More >>
Mon, Jan 07, 2019
Source: James Pethokoukis Category: JAMES PETHOKOUKIS
I was delighted to see Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times in one of the moderators' chairs last night. He asked about immigration right at the beginning of the night, with questions on both foreign worker visas and immigration levels overall. Here's what was said about the first topic. read more Read More >>
Fri, Mar 11, 2016
Source: Mark Krikorian Category: MARK KRIKORIAN
Announcing his presidential bid this month, Sen. Rand Paul said he wants to repeal “any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color.” Fulfilling this promise would require gutting murder statutes,... Read More >>
Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Source: Heather MacDonald Category: HEATHER MCDONALD
My latest column for National Review: The neoconservative Wall Street Journal's monotonously Islamophilic celebration of the “Arab Spring” has become as comically predictable as the open-borders enthusiasm that colors its coverage of illegal immigration. A fine example is the paper's profile of the general chosen by the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's new president, to lead the armed forces. The Journal is still stuck on the democracy-project dogma that free elections herald the birth of liberty, even as the Brotherhood tightens the noose in a nation whose population, by lopsided margins, keeps approving Muslim Brotherhood initiatives, electing Islamic supremacists, and telling Read More >>
Thu, Aug 16, 2012
Source: Andrew C. McCarthy Category: ANDREW C. MCCARTHY